Amanda & Matthew Tie The Knot!

Out of Town Bags

The Bag

Since everyone is OOT, we are creating bags for our guests with the comforts of home and emergency items. We only have to make 4 of them so I'm dying and doing iron on designs on the bags.

It was important for me to create a bag that could be used over. All of our guests are big reusable shopping bag people. These will fold down and smoosh into luggage to go home.

I hope to do a purple bag, a turquoise bag, a fushia/pink bag and an orange bag to go along with our colors and give everyone a bag based on what color and design they'd like best. I purchased the vintage travel themed designs from Etsy shop Graphique, the bags from Michael's and iDye dye from JoAnn Fabric. For anyone doing iron on, I recommend you get the Avery transfer paper.

The Goodies

I decided to put lots of little stuff into the bags.

Our hotel will have mini fridges of drinks but no snacks. We are big snack people so this was the first thing for us! We hit the Target bins and got Crunch N Munch, Chessmen cookies, Mini Oreos and granola bars. Everything is sealed and contained so it can be brought in.

Next we checked out the travel section. We didn't pay over $2 for anything and everything is the right size to pack for air travel. We picked up Kleenex, hand sanitizer, Tums, a mini first aid kit that has multiple bandages, gauze, and alcohol wipes, aspirin, and eye drops for any medical emergencies. I also got small bottles of wrinkle release for unpacking delicate clothing, my favorite EOS lip balm that has spf 15, Altoids and nail files for the ladies. I always end up needing a nail file!

Lastly I got a few relaxation items. I got cute eye masks at Michael's that say "rest" and "dream". Copying an idea I saw online, I got each person a small notebook and a sharpie pen so they can jot down their thoughts. Finally I ordered a small bag of lavender fizzing bath salts and a matching soy candle from Etsy shop Jen Zen Organics. I'm pretty happy with how full the bag looks and we still need to add our brochure to them. We'll be able to just assemble them the night we get to CR and have them set for guests when they arrive.

Toddler Bag

Our married couple friends have an adorable little girl and she's coming along on the trip. They travel with her quite often as they're both from Europe and big travelers. I know they'll pack a lot for her but I thought it would be fun for her to get a small bag too like the grown ups.

I found her a really cute Hello Kitty bag, got her some small snacks (Goldfish and her favorite cookies), Hello Kitty bubbles, cute band aids (just in case), a small beach ball, adorable sun glasses, and shovels. I had bought beach pails to use as planter pots and saved her all the shovels. Even if she loses a couple, she'll be okay :-) Everything but the shovels came from Target.
Her mom is already excited to see her open her bag.